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– helping you be prepared, through training and testing –

Our aim is to put you in the best possible position to deal with modern cyber-crime and fraud, targeting millions every day. We do this by combining the two most effective methods for any sort of behavioural change – by training, and by testing. And not by automated means, but with a tailored approach and with individual attention.

Tailored to fit YOU

We take pride in what we do, and we believe in continuous relationships and word of mouth, and are not after a quick financial win. As such, we treat every client as an individual. And at this stage, we can already save you some time, as you are one of these three:

The Informed

You have come here after hearing one of our public presentations or met one of us – you already know that you would benefit from our services, and we suggest you go directly to see our trainings offered as well as an overview of our testing packages.

The Curious

You have come here on a recommendation from a friend, as a result of one of our advertisements, or by googling something related to cybercrime, and are unsure about how you could benefit, why there is even a problem, and why you should consider investing in your company and staff.

Specifically for you, we have prepared overviews and understandable explanations on the main types of current threats and what they do, as well as an overview on who in our view is specifically at risk and why they should consider using us. You can find this in our Simplified menu on the left, or if you are on a mobile, at the bottom of the page. We suggest to have a look at those first, then read a bit about us and our approach, and then see how we can help.

The Random Element

You also have no idea how or why you came here, and are a bit confused but still reading and curious. In that case, enjoy the site, and if you are somewhat sceptical about the need for your company to be proactive, and a multi-billion business for criminals only ever targets ‘others’, then maybe have a look at our suggestions for those believing it won’t happen to them. Additionally, for continuous examples in the news of victims and related articles, have a look at our twitter and facebook accounts, and afterwards, hopefully you may be open to looking at ways in which we can help.

We believe in lasting relationships

We believe in lasting relationships. We are proud to support small, medium and large companies, each with their own slightly different needs, whether they are established companies, or just starting up. Whether they have already been burnt, seen a competitor suffer, or just understand that in today’s world, neglecting cyber-security and relying solely on anti-virus is the same as driving with an eye patch – it works, but at some point will cost you dearly.

We speak your language…

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or (constructive) feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you and helping you stay safe. You can reach us at info@wftt.eu as well as by phone on +31 (0) 35 887 26 37, or if you prefer Whatsapp, we are also available now on +31 (0) 625 40 18 19.  We understand and speak English, German and Dutch, and will make an amusing attempt at any other language, but would not suggest it.